7 Facts on White And Red Wines You Did Not Know You Could Match With

Annabel Lim

How well do you know about wines?

Here’s some information to build up your basic knowledge on wines! 

There are two types of Wines: White and Red. But did you could pair them with a variety of your meat dishes:


White (Riesling): Chicken, pork, duck, turkey, cured meat, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Moroccan, German, washed-rind cheeses and fondue.

White (Sauvignon): Fish, chicken, pork, veal, Mexican, Vietnamese, French, herb-crusted goat cheese, nutty cheeses such as Gruyère.

White (Chardonnay): Lobster, crab, shrimp, chicken, pork, mushroom, French, cream sauces, soft cheeses such as triple cream brie, medium-firm cheeses like Gruyère.


Red (Pinot Noir): Chicken, pork, veal, duck, cured meat, French, German, cream sauces, soft cheeses, nutty medium-firm cheeses like Gruyère.

Red (Zinfandel): Chicken, pork, cured meat, lamb, beef, barbecue, Italian, American, Chinese, Thai, Indian, full-flavored like cheddar and firm cheeses such as Manchego.

Red (Syrah): Lamb, beef, smoked meats, Mediterranean, French, American, salty cheeses such as feta, firm cheeses like white cheddar, and hard cheeses like Manchego

Red (Carbernet Sauvignon): Lamb, beef, smoked meats, French, American, firm cheeses like aged cheddar and hard cheeses like Pecorino.


ONE simple tip to detect a spoilt wine (This saves you from getting cheated by the restaurant thinking you’re ignorant about wines!)!

Does it smell bad, just like vinegar? If it does, asked for the waiter and get it exchanged for a new glass!


And if you have accidentally gotten your clothes stained? DO NOT PANICK!

  1. Hurry but calmly, request a pinch of salt from the waiter.
  2. Gently spread the salt over the patch to stop the spill from spreading.
  3. Head to the wash room and gently rub some soap on it, thereafter rinse it off thoroughly.



Hope you guys learn a tip or two! Have a great day ahead and share if you have found this interesting or useful!